Friday, October 2, 2009

For Baby

A Baby Shower Gift,
Theme: Animal Farms (Piggies)
Colours: For a Boy


Diaper Cake Here is a cake made with love,
though I wouldn't call it yummy.
For the ingredients used go on baby,
not inside your tummy.
Flour, sugar, milk, and eggs
will make a cake so sweet,
But diapers, bibs, and Cozy Toe’s
will make a handy treat.

45 Pampers Diapers
Three Burp Cloths
0-3 Months Cozy Toe’ zies
3-6 Months Cozy Toe’ zies
2 Bibs
5 Ikea Plates, 5 Ikea Bowls
6 Ikea Utensils
Taggy Block, Animal Taggy
Crinkle Taggy, Mini Taggy
1 Ow-ie’ Pouch
1 little Piggy Outfit
1 Stuffed Cuddley
I Canvas To Paint
I Love You Forever BookFergie Fru Baby!

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