Sunday, October 4, 2009

Custom Order for Julie!

This is what was Created for Julie this past week
4.5-5" Black Skull Toe' zies
4.5-5" Monkey Toe' zies
Small Skully Carry Pal
My 2.5 Year old is absolutely in love with what she calls hers'
"Salad" She asked me to make her a little Monster last weekend so I did,
and she loves hers soo much!
All week she has been walking around cuddling with it, having naps with it, pulling on its tags, taking it "shopping" and drying her tears with it when she is sad!
They make an awesome comfort pal, and are great for a carry along pal, and linking to a carseat, shopping cart, stroller etc.
So i made up a Skully One, up for the naming, Julie let me know if your lil' man takes any interest in his. Hope you enjoy your order it was sent out on Friday October 02.

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