Friday, August 6, 2010

Jennifer in her Hat

Back in November I traded with a girl on Etsy that makes these adorable crochet hats, that im still very much in love with! We were having a bon fire a few weeks back and my little one decided to pull her hat out and wear it so I though id post a pic of her and send it to Michelle. You can check out her stuff here:

Yep, thats right.......

Boots in Summer!

Since the Fall and winter season is my busiest seasons, its 23 degrees in Strathroy right now and Im thinking about and making boots!! These were a great seller last year I think i sold about 70 pairs. So don't fret there will be many styles avalible for september/ october.

Bridal Shower Gift

While trying to figure out what to get for an upcoming bridal shower. This is what we decided upon, it was a lot of fun to make and extreamly easy!
My Three year old loved making it with me, from decorating it, to painting the letters. Have a look! It was made out of towels, from bath to hand to wash cloths. Hidden inside were oven mitts, and kitchen hand towels, decorated with candles and tulee.

August Fun

Jennifer for her Third Birthday Really wanted it to be Lightning McQueen from the Disney Cars Movies. so I made her a cute little, but very simple McQueen pillow case dress. Its really nice because it can totall grow with her. She could have worn it as a long dress when she was two, a shorter dress with leggins, then a shirt. She absolutly loves her outfit.

Playing around with a new logo idea, I think i am going to use the Etsy Alchemy to see if I can get a good deal on some new designs. I really like the brown and teal mixutre. Im looking to refresh Fergie Fru's Etsy Site, and am going to be adding some totally cute items so make sure to stop in soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trade: Heat Pad

I traded Camillia a pair of toe' zies and some hair clippies for this uber cute, very practical Heat Pad. I was kind of weary at first because I make ow-ie packs which are very similar, well almost exactly the same. However it is always nice to make trades and have lots of fun doing soo. Im so glad i did make this trade, My little one (And myself) loves our Heat Pack, I have only ever made smaller ones for children (that i sell) and the Neck ones for gifts to the family. But this one was just oh so perfect we have been using it all weekend. Thank you soo much Camillia for your wonderful trade. Here are some pictures I took of Jennifer and her new Heat Pad. Thanks!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Trade: Disney Princess Shirt

Another Etsy Trade!!
I Traded a pair of Toe' zies for this super awesome shirt from Skadoodles. Such an awesome shop, very afforable and quality made. Can't over just how cute this little Shirt is my little one got to test it today and then she has to wait till christmas before she gets it lol
Make sure to check out her shop

Yah, shes a bit of a goof ball....
Like her daddy lol!

Trade with Charlotte

I just recently did a trade with Charlotte, from Charlottelaughs Etsy Shop and she sent me two totally cute caps in a size 12-24 Months, these were going to be gifts for a friend of mine who has a little girl. But Jennifer has officially claimed the Chocolate Reasberry Truffle hat as her own.
Charlotte is amazing!! Great products, totally friendly and wow i just love her stuff. Im for some reason on a Crochet Kick, possibly because I cannot figure out how to crochet, possibly because they are just too cute!!
Make sure to check out her shop and all she has to offer
And her Blog is Too Funny- love it.