Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Latest Toe' zies

Just some sewing i have been up to over the week :)

Apple Toe' zies with a cute white ribbon
My little one claimed these for herself :)

Retro Circle Toe' zies in a custom size of
6.5 Inches by 3 Inches for a three year old

Special Order:
Dolly Diaper Tote Made in a Beatrix Potter Fabric,
Cream and light sage.
This order was for two Diaper Dolly Totes
Each including a:
2 dolly diapers with easy to do velcro
4 dolly Wipes out of terry cloth
a bib and a small little tote bag made with two pockets on the inside

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For Michelle

Princess Toe' zies and Small Tote
Size: 7.5 cm wide and 15 cm long
Cars Toe' zies and Small Tote
Size: 7.5 cm wide 18cm Long
I just love how these Custom Toe' zies turned out my little girl has now stated that she needs a pair of Princess Toe' zies too. "mom I need some of those right away... Ok"

For Suzi

Cord Toe' zies in a 0-3 Months Size (Animal Print on the Interior)
Cow Animal Farm Toe' zies in a 3-6 Months Size (Brown Flannel Interior)
Hope you enjoy your Toe' zies
Thanks so much and best of luck with your soon to be Two Boys :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Custom Order for Julie!

This is what was Created for Julie this past week
4.5-5" Black Skull Toe' zies
4.5-5" Monkey Toe' zies
Small Skully Carry Pal
My 2.5 Year old is absolutely in love with what she calls hers'
"Salad" She asked me to make her a little Monster last weekend so I did,
and she loves hers soo much!
All week she has been walking around cuddling with it, having naps with it, pulling on its tags, taking it "shopping" and drying her tears with it when she is sad!
They make an awesome comfort pal, and are great for a carry along pal, and linking to a carseat, shopping cart, stroller etc.
So i made up a Skully One, up for the naming, Julie let me know if your lil' man takes any interest in his. Hope you enjoy your order it was sent out on Friday October 02.

Friday, October 2, 2009

For Baby

A Baby Shower Gift,
Theme: Animal Farms (Piggies)
Colours: For a Boy


Diaper Cake Here is a cake made with love,
though I wouldn't call it yummy.
For the ingredients used go on baby,
not inside your tummy.
Flour, sugar, milk, and eggs
will make a cake so sweet,
But diapers, bibs, and Cozy Toe’s
will make a handy treat.

45 Pampers Diapers
Three Burp Cloths
0-3 Months Cozy Toe’ zies
3-6 Months Cozy Toe’ zies
2 Bibs
5 Ikea Plates, 5 Ikea Bowls
6 Ikea Utensils
Taggy Block, Animal Taggy
Crinkle Taggy, Mini Taggy
1 Ow-ie’ Pouch
1 little Piggy Outfit
1 Stuffed Cuddley
I Canvas To Paint
I Love You Forever BookFergie Fru Baby!