Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is here!

Its getting pretty cool in Strathroy, time to go shopping for some new fall clothes for the little one !! YEY here I come Etsy. I haven't been blogging for a while sorry..
I have just finished a bunch of wholesale orders for local shops, and had a couple of sales. Along with some Great Etsy Orders and Web Orders. Its been great. All to come back and see that I have recieved the One Lonely Blog Award from my Fave Blog The Penny-Pinching Mama.

The rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" are:
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Here are my blog picks(Still new to blogging so most of my faves come from my other faves):
The Penny Pinching Mama
The Suburban Jungle

Its getting soo cold outside!! Time ofr Hot Chocolate

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gift Pack

Grow Bean Grow Gift Pack
for Heather D:
(took me a little while to get pictures on here ..sorry and s2 for the poor quality photos)
5 and 1/4" Retro Paisley Toe' zies
Baby Tag Blanket
and a couple of surprises!!
Let me know when you get it:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

GIFT PACK, Name that Flower...

Giving a little Bump to this Give-away!
So I am looking for a name for my re-newed flower clips
that i haven’t made in the past 2 years! I like names that are a little funky, unique and also fits into the Fergie Fru Baby Style. If you have any suggestions all are welcome and yours is accepted you will get a Gift Pack Customized by you! So start listing your ideas for some free stuff!! Gift Pack Valued at over $40.00
I can't wait to see what comes up
Thanks everyone

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Great Give Away!

~Photo Borrowed for Blogging Pursposes and
property of Little Ladybugz~
Tune in to the one, the only, the famous:
The Penny Pinching Mama
She just featured a totally cute company with awesome products and i cannot get over just how affordable everything is wow!! I’m in love, Sherry has amazing talent making beautiful toys for all ages and great gotcha bags to load stuff up in check her out on Etsy!!! To Perfect
Little Ladybugz
this is my favourite bag and all the matching items would be soo cute:
Gotcha Bag
I so hope I win this one!

Cambridge Mom to Mom sale (Win a Gift Pack)

So my Friend Danielle and I attended the Cambridge mom to mom sale, and I have to say it went pretty great. Its weird how in different places different things sell. The last sale I sold out of 100 pairs of Toe' zies in a madder of Hours, this sale I think about 20 pairs sold, but my best sellers were my ow-ie packs, lil' crinklz and of course my hair clippies. Some new additions to this sale were my new fabric flower clips (still trying to come up with a cool name) diapers for dolls (my little ones new fave) Next Sale i think im going to make up little bags filled with doll diapers, felt wipes, a bib, and maybe a bottle for like 8-10$ I think this will go over well. I just wanted to say thanks to Danielle and of course my two year old (Fergie aka. Jennifer) and my loving Hubby Jeff for all the help!! And of course to my wonderful customers that just make the day amazing! Thanks So.. any ideas on my Fabric Flower Clips, Name? Post ideas and if i choose one you will get a nice package in the mail :)

Flower Clippie (need a cute name?
Can you think of Any?) Win a Gift Pack!!

Doll Diapers (Newest Addition)

Email Address:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

J'Adore Tien Blog Award

Thank you so much to TicTacDough Blog for the J'Adore Tien Blog Award!Please visit Maryann and her delish dough at her blog, and her Etsy Shop-- TicTacDough! Here's a sneak peek and who I am going to nominate and their sweet blogs-
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Make sure to check out My Organized Chaos and enter to win a Pair of Shoes from See Kai Run, there toooo cute!! Contest ends September 15th, 2009 Make sure you enter to win!!

Grow Bean Grow - Toe' zies Winner

Chosen by Random.rog is Number ten which turns out to be one of my Fave Blogs i Follow
you can check her out here at: The Penny Pinching Mama I love her blog soo much, and she has some really cute and very practical giveaways going on right now. Im excited to start working on her pair of Toe' zies and Matching 14" by 14" baby tag so keep checking back for there will be pictures soon!!

also don't forget to stop on by
Grow Bean Grow and check out whats going on :)
Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You can Still Win Toe' zies

Don't forget to head on over to Grow Bean Grow and enter to win
: 14" by 14" Baby Tag
: Pair of Cozy Toe' zies in the size of your choice (6 Sizes avaliable)
You can enter by visiting Grown Bean Grow Contest is ending
September 6th so get in while you can

GIVE AWAY - Too Cool!

Photo From The Penny-Pinching Mama's Giveaway
You could totally win this or any ONE of her Hats from her Etsy site
(theres like 73) Just check out the The Penny Pinching Mama's Blogspot and enter to win you have until September 15th 2009
Isn't this soo cool
Please go and check this seller out everythings soo cute!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Did anyone Say Skulls?

So.. Skulls
Are they cute? Skull prints have always been a big seller with all ages of parents, friends, grandparents. Some people love them others not soo much. My opinion has changed and i think they are sooo cute on little boys and even girls. I just added these cuties to Etsy last night check them out here Skull Toe' zies. The ones Featured in the picture above are in a size 9-15 Months size 5" and they come in 6 Sizes or you can Custom size your toe' zies to fit.Yey for Toe' zies, Hooray for Skulls!

Blog Post Give Away Winner!

So you might know that Tic Tac Dough just had a Fergie
Fru Give away on her Blogpage and the winner is......
Jacque, and she has chosen a nice Retro Print for her 0-3
Month Sized Cozy Toe' zies and 14" by 14" inch baby tag!
I Just shipped them this afternoon and I really hope that
she likes what she gets. Plus I love doing giveaways soo
as soon as I get to 50 Followers I will do a Big Giveaway!!
(Pass the word along)
Heres a Little Sneak Peek at what she's going to get
Don't Forget to stop by TicTacDough and follower her too :)