Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cambridge Mom to Mom sale (Win a Gift Pack)

So my Friend Danielle and I attended the Cambridge mom to mom sale, and I have to say it went pretty great. Its weird how in different places different things sell. The last sale I sold out of 100 pairs of Toe' zies in a madder of Hours, this sale I think about 20 pairs sold, but my best sellers were my ow-ie packs, lil' crinklz and of course my hair clippies. Some new additions to this sale were my new fabric flower clips (still trying to come up with a cool name) diapers for dolls (my little ones new fave) Next Sale i think im going to make up little bags filled with doll diapers, felt wipes, a bib, and maybe a bottle for like 8-10$ I think this will go over well. I just wanted to say thanks to Danielle and of course my two year old (Fergie aka. Jennifer) and my loving Hubby Jeff for all the help!! And of course to my wonderful customers that just make the day amazing! Thanks So.. any ideas on my Fabric Flower Clips, Name? Post ideas and if i choose one you will get a nice package in the mail :)

Flower Clippie (need a cute name?
Can you think of Any?) Win a Gift Pack!!

Doll Diapers (Newest Addition)

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  1. I was at your cambridge sale and my only regret is that I didn't buy more!

    I want a gift pack!!!

    hmmmm.... such adorable clips...I have two boys... let me tap into my feminine side and...


  2. Will you be at the Guelph Le leche legue sale on Saturday? Any other mom shows in the future...I have 20 friends expecting right now (yikes!) and would love the oppertunity to stock up on affordable, unique baby I said I did not buy enough the first time around!

  3. hi jjandb thanks soo much for the compliment!! and cute name :) im pretty much stuck in Strathroy and London for upcoming sales, however we can deffinatly work out a deal, wow twenty friends expecting!! Yikes is right let me know if your intrested and we can work something out :)
    heres my email too
    Thanks again!