Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hip...Hip...Horary for Toe' zies

Hip.. Hip.. Horray for Toe' zies!

Im so in love with making these little Toe' zies, and just

picturing little babies, or big tots wearing them im in awe!

My two year old love's them always has, she has pairs for all her babies and for a while insisted on sleeping in them.

So to the point:

I was in Walmart tonight with my lil' Fru and we see this baby. Instead of my daughter's normal "Baby, Baby...Its a baby mom (Screeh)" it was "Mom, that boys wearing Toe' zies" I look down and hes wearing a pair of my Cozy Toe' zies, I was so happy i still havent stopped smiling. Thank you too all my loyal customers over the years wow. you make me feel good.

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